Nolte: Flashback — Admitted Occultist Sally Quinn Ridiculed Sarah Palin’s Christian Faith

Back in 2009, when journalist/socialite Sally Quinn used the pages of the leftwing Washington Post to blast former-Governor Sarah Palin’s Christian faith, all we knew about Quinn was that she was a committed atheist (this is someone the Washington Post thought should run its religious section).

What we did not know about Quinn, because she did not want us to know, is that while The Queen of Pro-Science could not bring herself to believe in God, what she did believe in was the occult, the dark arts, voodoo, and the power of the hex. Quinn believes so strongly in her own witch-like powers, she is certain that she is responsible for the deaths of three people, three innocent people who died after Quinn hit them with a hex.

Their crime?

Daring to offend the Queen of Pro-Science.

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