Politician Direct trump-debuts-afghanistan-strategy-we-are-not-nation-building-again-we-are-killing-terrorists Trump Debuts Afghanistan Strategy: ‘We Are Not Nation-Building Again, We Are Killing Terrorists’ Breitbart Politics  trump National Security Big Government Afghanistan
Politician Direct poll-mitch-mcconnells-kentucky-approval-rating-plummets-to-18-percent Poll: Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky Approval Rating Plummets to 18 Percent Breitbart Politics  trump senate majority leader Senate republican poll Mitch McConnell Kentucky Big Government approval rating
Politician Direct president-trump-to-announce-afghanistan-war-strategy-on-monday President Trump to Announce Afghanistan War Strategy on Monday Breitbart Politics  trump Big Government Afghanistan war Afghanistan
Politician Direct mercedes-benz-drops-foreign-construction-workers-from-american-auto-plant Mercedes-Benz Drops Foreign Construction Workers from American Auto Plant Breitbart Politics  Visas trump South Carolina Slovenia Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Jobs legal immigration L-1 visa Jobs immigration foreign workers foreign nationals Croatia construction jobs CBS News Breitbart Texas blue collar workers Big Government auto plants American workers
Politician Direct listen-kushner-israel-right-in-temple-mount-crisis-amman-embassy-attack LISTEN- Kushner: Israel Right In Temple Mount Crisis, Amman Embassy Attack Breitbart Politics  trump Tisha B’Av Temple Mount security coordination Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas Jordan-Israel relations Jordan Jared Kushner Fast of Av embassy Breitbart Jerusalem Big Government
Politician Direct lol-late-night-comedy-writers-frustrated-they-arent-persuading-voters-to-hate-trump LOL: Late-Night Comedy Writers Frustrated They Aren’t Persuading Voters to Hate Trump Breitbart Politics  trump trevor noah The President Show Samantha Bee Jim Jefferies Show Hollywood hypocrisy Full Frontal daily show Big Hollywood
Politician Direct senate-witness-william-browder-testifies-that-fusion-gps-worked-for-russia Senate Witness William Browder Testifies that Fusion GPS Worked for Russia Breitbart Politics  William Browder Trump Jr. trump russia Fusion GPS Big Government
Politician Direct trump-announces-ban-on-transgender-people-in-the-u-s-military Trump Announces Ban on Transgender People in the U.S. Military Breitbart Politics  United States government U.S. military trump troops Transgender National Security Military Mattis Jim Mattis Big Government
Politician Direct defense-secretary-jim-mattis-defends-trump-talking-to-putin-at-g-20-dinner Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Defends Trump Talking to Putin at G-20 Dinner Breitbart Politics  Vladimir Putin trump putin National Security Mattis Jim Mattis Donald Trump Big Government
Politician Direct watch-protesters-storm-cnn-headquarters-no-more-fake-news WATCH: Protesters Storm CNN Headquarters: ‘No More Fake News!’ Breitbart CNN Politics  Very Fake News trump President Trump POTUS media Mainstream Media fake news CNN breitbart Big Journalism Big Government