Politician Direct apple-ceo-pledges-2-million-to-splc-and-adl-attacks-trump-over-charlottesville Apple CEO Pledges $2 Million to SPLC and ADL, Attacks Trump over Charlottesville Breitbart Politics  Tim Cook Tech SPLC Big Government apple adl
Politician Direct 6-incredible-world-monuments-that-must-be-destroyed 6 Incredible World Monuments That Must Be Destroyed Breitbart Politics  Tech monuments Jefferson Memorial historical monuments Confederate monuments Big Government
Politician Direct cnns-jim-sciutto-adds-charlottesville-to-list-of-vehicle-terror-attacks-in-europe CNN’s Jim Sciutto Adds Charlottesville to List of Vehicle Terror Attacks in Europe Breitbart CNN Politics  Twitter Tech Jim Sciutto fake news CNN Charlottesville Big Journalism Barcelona terror attack
Politician Direct nyt-magazine-breitbart-news-comment-section-dwarfs-nyt-by-factor-of-10 NYT Magazine: Breitbart News Comment Section ‘Dwarfs’ NYT by ‘Factor of 10’ Breitbart Politics  Wil Hylton Tech New York Times facebook Breitbart News Big Journalism
Politician Direct debbie-wasserman-schultz-ex-it-aide-indicted-on-4-counts Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ Ex-IT Aide Indicted on 4 Counts Breitbart Politics  Tech Imran Awan Debbie Wasserman Schultz Big Government
Politician Direct report-gop-rep-dana-rohrabacher-meets-with-julian-assange-receives-earth-shattering-information Report: GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Meets With Julian Assange, Receives ‘Earth-Shattering’ Information Breitbart Politics  WikiLeaks Tech Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Julian Assange Dana Rohrabacher Big Government
Politician Direct facebook-monitors-users-phone-habits-using-free-vpn-app Facebook Monitors User’s Phone Habits Using Free VPN App Breitbart Politics  Tech silicon valley Onavo Protect facebook
Politician Direct trump-amazon-is-doing-great-damage-to-tax-paying-retailers Trump: ‘Amazon Is Doing Great Damage to Tax-Paying Retailers’ Breitbart Politics  The Washington Post Tech Jeff Bezos Donald Trump Breitbart California Big Government amazon
Politician Direct wired-notes-silicon-valley-companies-are-starting-to-doubt-concept-of-free-speech Wired Notes Silicon Valley Companies Are Starting to Doubt Concept of Free Speech Breitbart Politics  WIRED Twitter Tech social media censorship Social media Kevin Systrom Instagram free speech First Amendment facebook Censorship Breitbart California
Politician Direct yahoo-news-gives-antifa-glowing-profile Yahoo! News Gives Antifa Glowing Profile Breitbart Politics  Yahoo News ukip Tech political violence identitarians Charlottesville Big Journalism Big Government antifa AfD