Politician Direct peter-schweizer-discovery-of-fbi-officials-political-bias-clouds-hillary-clinton-and-mike-flynn-investigations Peter Schweizer: Discovery of FBI Official’s Political Bias Clouds Hillary Clinton and Mike Flynn Investigations Breitbart Politics  Uranium One Russian collusion Radio Peter Strzok Peter Schweizer mike flynn James Comey Hillary Clinton fbi Big Government 2016 Election

Peter Schweizer: Discovery of FBI Official’s Political Bias Clouds Hillary Clinton and Mike Flynn Investigations

December 5, 2017 Politician Direct 0

Breitbart News Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily to discuss bureaucratic corruption, the latest developments in the investigation of Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential race, and new revelations about the Clinton Uranium One scandal. …

Politician Direct dianne-feinstein-were-building-a-case-for-obstruction-of-justice Dianne Feinstein: We’re Building a Case for Obstruction of Justice Breitbart Politics  special counsel obstruction of justice Law Enforcement James Comey Dianne Feinstein Chuck Todd Big Government Alan Dershowitz
Politician Direct bob-mueller-has-a-huge-conflict-of-interest-says-former-assistant-fbi-director Bob Mueller ‘Has a Huge Conflict of Interest,’ Says Former Assistant FBI Director Breitbart Politics  Robert Mueller National Security Michael Flynn James Kallstrom James Comey dossier Donald Trump Christopher Steele Big Government
Politician Direct james-comey-emperor-with-no-clothes-says-former-fbi-assistant-director-after-gloating-bible-verse-post James Comey ‘Emperor with No Clothes,’ Says Former FBI Assistant Director After Gloating Bible Verse Post Breitbart Politics  russia National Security Michael Flynn Jim Kallstrom James Comey Big Government Bible
Politician Direct blue-state-blues-president-trumps-lawyers-are-violating-his-sixth-amendment-rights Blue State Blues: President Trump’s Lawyers Are Violating His Sixth Amendment Rights Breitbart Politics  Uranium One Ty Cobb special counsel Sixth Amendment Russia investigation russia conspiracy theory russia Rod Rosenstein Robert Mueller Michael T. Flynn Law Enforcement James Comey Donald McGahn Breitbart California Big Government

Blue State Blues: President Trump’s Lawyers Are Violating His Sixth Amendment Rights

November 24, 2017 Politician Direct 0

Trump would be enjoying better legal representation if he simply walked down to the local courthouse and hired a no-name defense lawyer hawking his services — a street-fighter who would find every way to protect his client, who would have no conflicts and no qualms about sticking it to the prosecution, who had no reputation…

Politician Direct 27-excuses-hillary-clinton-has-made-for-her-2016-election-loss 27 Excuses Hillary Clinton Has Made for Her 2016 Election Loss Breitbart Politics  Women's March Russians President Donald Trump James Comey Hillary Clinton fbi Codecon Big Government 2016 Presidential Race
Politician Direct report-fbi-turns-over-documents-to-senate-investigators-on-handling-of-clinton-email-case Report: FBI Turns Over Documents to Senate Investigators on Handling of Clinton Email Case Breitbart Politics  Tech Senate Judiciary Committee James Comey Hillary Clinton fbi Clinton email probe Big Government Andrew McCabe
Politician Direct house-republicans-introduce-resolution-calling-on-special-counsel-robert-mueller-to-step-down House Republicans Introduce Resolution Calling on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Step Down Breitbart Politics  Uranium One russia Robert Mueller rick gates Paul Manafort Matt Gaetz loretta lynch James Comey Hillary Clinton george papadopoulos fbi Bill Clinton Big Government
Politician Direct james-okeefe-busts-james-comeys-purported-godson-video-editor-at-new-york-times James O’Keefe Busts James Comey’s Purported ‘Godson,’ Video Editor at New York Times Breitbart Politics  undercover video Tech Project Veritas Nick Dudich Nicholas Dudich New York Times Media Bias James O'Keefe James Comey Big Journalism Big Government
Politician Direct james-comey-tried-to-discredit-trumps-wiretapping-assertions-that-proved-true James Comey Tried to Discredit Trump’s Wiretapping Assertions That Proved True Breitbart Politics  wiretapping wiretap Paul Manafort National Security James Comey Big Government