Politician Direct eurosceptic-czech-trump-set-to-form-government-anti-migration-freedom-party-in-second-left-collapse Eurosceptic ‘Czech Trump’ Set to Form Government, Anti-Migration Freedom Party in Second, Left Collapse Breitbart Politics  Milos Zeman immigration Czech Republic Breitbart London Andrej Babis

Eurosceptic ‘Czech Trump’ Set to Form Government, Anti-Migration Freedom Party in Second, Left Collapse

October 21, 2017 Politician Direct 0

The party of the populist Czech billionaire described by some as the ‘Czech Trump’ is clearly ahead in the late stages of vote counting, suggesting he could be the central European nation’s next Prime Minister. With an estimated fortune of over four billion, ANO [YES] party leader Andrej Babis is even wealthier than U.S. president Donald Trump, and…

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