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Politician Direct exclusive-source-says-megyn-kelly-would-not-be-welcomed-back-at-fox-news Exclusive: Source Says Megyn Kelly ‘Would Not Be Welcomed Back’ at Fox News Breitbart Fox News Politics  Terrible Ratings Tanking NBC Megyn Kelly Jon Koncak Fox News Big Journalism Big Hollywood America's Funniest Home Videos 60 Minutes

Exclusive: Source Says Megyn Kelly ‘Would Not Be Welcomed Back’ at Fox News

June 20, 2017 Politician Direct 0

Controversy usually creates cash and big ratings—except if you are NBC News’ Megyn Kelly.
After Kelly’s controversial and much-hyped interview with Alex Jones tanked by again failing to beat out reruns of 60 Minutes and America’s Funniest Home Videos, New York radio host Mark Simone tweeted on Monday that NBC is trying to unload Kelly and…

Politician Direct megyn-kelly-gets-middling-reviews-for-alex-jones-profile Megyn Kelly Gets Middling Reviews for Alex Jones Profile Breitbart Politics  Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly Sandy Hook nbc news Megyn Kelly InfoWars Big Journalism Big Hollywood Alex Jones

Megyn Kelly Gets Middling Reviews for Alex Jones Profile

June 19, 2017 Politician Direct 0

Establishment news outlets reviewing Megyn Kelly’s controversial interview with radio host and Infowars publisher Alex Jones have mostly panned the NBC News host for a “shallow” profile that spends more time trying to justify itself than revealing anything interesting to her audience. …