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Good evening and it’s great to have you with us here on a Tuesday night. We begin with that bombshell from the white house late today. FBI director james comby fired late today. Last week, he testified about the investigation into Russian and the election. Comey’s relationship with the president has been closely watched. Right here in their first meeting at the white house, the president in fact joking that you’ve become more famous than me. Well, tonight that FBI director has now been fired and our chief white house correspondent Jon Karl with new reporting tonight. What led to this stunning decision. Reporter: Hillary Clinton’s e-mails may have had an impact on the election. He upended the election 11 days before the vote. Announcing his investigators were now pouring over new e-mails discovered on the laptop of Anthony Weiner married to Hillary’s close aide huma abedin. Forwarding e-mails to him for I think to print out for her to deliver them to secretary of state. Reporter: Last week, Comey testified that abedin forwarded, quote hundreds and thousands of e-mails some which contained classified information. The FBI acknowledging that his testimony was misleading. In a letter to congress, she only forwarded a small number of e-mails to Weiner. Gave inaccurate testimony — At this point, I haven’t asked and I’m not fully aware of situation — I’m aware of the inquiry that occurred. Yet to follow on up on that. Does the president still have full confidence in FBI director Comey. I have no reason to believe. I haven’t asked the president the last time we spoke about it. You’re not sure to say again — In light of what you’re telling me I don’t want to behalf of the president without speaking to him first. Reporter: Comey is out. In a statement the president said, quote, today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement. Let’s get live to Jon Karl at the white house there. The administration is making it clear one of the reasons Comey has been fired was because of how he handled the Clinton e-mail investigation during the campaign. Before then announcing no criminal charges. It with us the primary reason, David, and the case against Comey is outlined in a stern letter a three-page letter from the deputy attorney general that especially takes issue with that press conference back in July of last year, saying I cannot defend the director’s handling of the conclusion of the investigation and secretary Clinton’s e-mails and I don’t understand his refusal to accept the new universal judgment that he was mistaken. Very strong words against the FBI director explaining why the recommendation was made at that the president should fire him. Jon, you covered this campaign closely. The irony is lost. The decision based on how Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. She was Donald Trump’s fierce opponent and now he’s been fired because of mishandling that moment. Yes, when he announced he wasn’t going to seek an indictment of Hillary Clinton he went on with his press conference to quote, hold a press conference to release derogatory information about the subject of investigation. Okay, Jon Karl leading us off tonight. Let’s bring in ABC senior justice correspondent Pierre

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