WATCH: Democrats battle for seat in high-stakes Georgia election

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different answer. Cecilia, thanks. More to that high stakes special election in Georgia, the most expensive house race ever being so closely watched by both sides of the aisle and Mary Bruce tracking the race from capitol hill. Good morning, Mary. Reporter: Good morning, David. Well, this is a defining test for both parties and this morning it is still too close to call. This is a solidly Republican district that trump barely won by just one point and now Democrats are hoping if they can win it will serve as a referendum on the president betting on 30-year-old newcomer Jon ossoff and betting pretty big. He has pulled in more than $23 million, the most expensive house race ever going up against Karen Handel vying for Republican voters who may be uneasy with the president. If she wins this will be a demoralizing blow to Democrats who have to rethink their entire strategy heading into the midterms. Tough fight but now both campaigns are speaking out against an ad particularly offensive and wanted to show people at home what it was all about. Now the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting Republicans. When will it stop? It won’t if Jon ossoff wins on Tuesday. Trying to connect or link the Democrat, Jon ossoff, to the shootings last week in Washington, Mary. Reporter: Yeah, and, David, both candidates this morning are blasting this ad. Jon ossoff is saying it is disgraceful and he’s calling on his opponent to denounce the ad and asked it be pulled down. Karen Handel stopped short of that but calling is disgraceful and disgusting. Ossoff hasn’t mentioned president trump in his campaigning. How concerned is the white house about how close the race is with the Republican? Reporter: Yeah, David, no question they are going to be paying very close attention to this. This race will be an indication of how the president and his agenda is resonating with voters especially moderate Republicans. We’ll be keeping a close eye as voters head to the polls tomorrow. Mary Bruce, thanks. To Amy with an unfortunate story.

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