Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Case Which Could Be Monumental Gerrymandering Decision

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case out of Wisconsin that could be a landmark in determining whether or not Republicans or Democrats have drawn their state’s electoral districts in a way that gives their candidates an unconstitutional advantage.

The case, Gill v. Whitford, comes to the court after a panel of three federal judges ruled 2-1 last year state lawmakers unconstitutionally drew the boundaries of state Assembly district lines to benefit Republicans in 2011. While the Supreme Court has written critically of partisan gerrymandering in the past, it has never struck down a gerrymander on partisan grounds and has yet to establish a standard to determine when they are permissible and when they are not. Though, the Supreme Court has struck down district maps recently of states that it said had gone too far in using race to draw district lines.

This new case could allow the justices to provide some clarity and have a dramatic impact on the way states draw new district lines following the 2020 Census.

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