Rose McGowan Tells Ben Affleck to ‘F*ck Off’ after Statement on Weinstein: ‘You Lie’

Actress Rose McGowan accused fellow actor Ben Affleck of lying about the extent of his knowledge of the sexual harassment allegations against disgraced Hollywood super-producer Harvey Weinstein in a series of Twitter messages this week.

Affleck released a statement Tuesday condemning the allegations against Weinstein, five days after the New York Times first broke the story, but didn’t directly name the producer. The actor said he was “saddened and angry” by the allegations and called them “completely unacceptable,” and added that more serious allegations of assault “made me sick.”

But McGowan, who according to the Times was one of eight women to reach a financial settlement with Weinstein over harassment allegations, blasted Affleck’s statement on Twitter, accusing him of lying about his knowledge of alleged abuses.

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