Report: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Blames Trump Transition Team for Senate Confirmation Problems

A Politico report states education secretary Betsy DeVos blames the Trump transition team for her confirmation process difficulties that overshadowed the fact she had been recommended for her post by both Jeb Bush and Mike Pence.

Within days of Donald Trump’s election victory, Betsy DeVos’s good friend Jeb Bush asked her if she would be interested in the top federal education post, and then asked Vice President-elect Mike Pence to recommend her for the job, the report says.

“He was really the only person I knew in the transition,” Bush told Tim Alberta, writing for Politico Magazine. “He was the best person, because he was running it.”

Bush added it turned out both he and Pence – two former GOP governors – had the same thought since both had worked with DeVos to advance their education agendas in their home states of Florida and Indiana, respectively.

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