Exclusive — Sebastian Gorka on Syria: ‘Trump Is Not a Neo-Conservative’; ‘This Is Not George Bush’

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Sebastian Gorka joined SiriusXM host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host John Carney on Friday’s Breitbart News Tonight to discuss President Donald Trump’s strategy in ordering missile strikes on Syria.

Gorka described the military operations as a “surgical” and “very quick strike.”

Gorka added that the strikes were “meant to send a message [to] Bashar al-Assad, the mass murderer, and his sponsors, including Iran and Russia, that you cannot use illegal chemical weapons, and you will not be allowed to use them again against women and children. This is not a war, and this isn’t about al-Qaeda or ISIS. This is about the mass murder executed by Assad’s regime.”


Gorka said the strikes served both symbolic and practical ends. He remarked, “These were clearly targets that were parts of the chemical weapons capacity of the Assad regime, a research facility in Damascus, a facility that was storing the precursor materials [and] chemicals used to create these weapons and other facilities used in the production of these weapons. So it isn’t just a signal, but it is very much a signal, as well, but it is also a crippling blow to the chemical weapons capacity of the Damascus government.”

Gorka cast Russia as a declining power. “Russia is a failing nation. It’s a one-horse town, and that horse, that pony, was gas and oil exports. America is now a net energy exporter for the first time, and Russia is a shadow of its former Soviet self. It’s good at rattling its rusty saber, but that’s about it. … We killed hundreds of Russian mercenaries in Syria when they threatened our forces. What was the Russian response? Nothing. They’re still a nuclear power. They’re still a bad actor. Vladimir Putin is still a former KGB colonel, but their capacity to be a serious global actor like the United States? That is not true.”

Gorka rejected characterizations of the strikes as resembling the Bush administration’s neo-conservatism. He claimed, “I’ll tell you one thing: Donald J. Trump is not a neo-conservative, and he never will be a neo-conservative. This is not George Bush, and this man believes the invasion and occupation of other people’s countries is fundamentally un-American, and he will never waver from that.”

Gorka said America should enforce international conventions prohibiting certain chemical weapons. He said, “But [Donald Trump] is also — I know the left doesn’t believe this for a second, but I can guarantee you this — he is a very compassionate human being, whether it’s meeting the survivors and the victims of the Parkland shooting or whether it’s seeing the children, the infants, foaming at the mouth, poisoned by that chlorine gas attack in Syria, and he knows that if we don’t do anything, nobody will. He believes in that saying: ‘Evil wins, very simply, when good men do nothing.’ This isn’t about regime change. This isn’t Iraq in 2003. He isn’t George Bush. But if America stands for truth, if America is that shining light on a hill, then we do not allow mass murderers to use chemical weapons. It is that simple.”