Politician Direct video-captures-trump-greeting-wedding-guests-at-his-nj-golf-club Video captures Trump greeting wedding guests at his NJ golf club ABC Politics  Politics
Politician Direct trump-may-host-world-leaders-in-nj-in-september Trump may host world leaders in NJ in September article fnc Fox News FoxNews.com Politics  FoxNews.com fox-news/politics fnc/politics fnc article 8560f255-7058-4246-bcc4-e04c6ceef64c
Politician Direct pence-aide-report-about-2020-run-is-total-lie Pence aide: Report about 2020 run is 'total lie' ABC Politics  Politics
Politician Direct nj-father-spends-5000-to-reprint-hs-yearbooks-that-censored-trump-shirts NJ Father Spends $5,000 to Reprint HS Yearbooks That Censored Trump Shirts Breitbart Politics  yearbooks Wall Township High School t-shirts President Trump Pre-Viral New Jersey Joseph Berardo Grant Berardo education Censorship Big Government
Politician Direct ex-sf-mayor-suggests-gop-foreign-policy-estab-wants-trump-impeached Ex-SF Mayor Suggests GOP Foreign Policy Estab. Wants Trump Impeached Breitbart Politics  Willie Brown HR McMaster Henry Kissinger george shultz Gavin Newsom Donald Trump Deep State Dan Senor Breitbart California Bill Kristol Big Government
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Politician Direct california-risks-billions-in-sanctuary-city-suit-against-trump-administration California Risks Billions in Sanctuary City Suit Against Trump Administration Breitbart Politics  Xavier Becerra U.S. Voter Registration Act U.S. House Ways and Means Committee U.S. Department of Justice’s Inspector General Trump executive order Trump Administration Social Justice Sanctuary City Kate's Law Jerry Brown Inspector General Immigration and Customs Enforcement Illegal Aliens ICE H.R. 3003 federal funding democrat Congress california governor Breitbart California Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvement Big Government Attorney General Civil Division Attorney general appointed
Politician Direct watch-trump-begins-17-day-vacation-as-russia-investigation-heats-up WATCH: Trump begins 17-day vacation as Russia investigation heats up ABC Politics  WNT
Politician Direct former-texas-governor-mark-white-dies-at-age-77 Former Texas Governor Mark White dies at age 77 article Associated Press fnc Fox News Politics  fox-news/politics/state-and-local/legislation fox-news/politics/state-and-local/issues fox-news/politics/state-and-local/governors fox-news/politics/state-and-local/controversies fnc/politics/state-local fnc dc16e252-5260-4ddb-b1a3-992b18ba877a Associated Press article